Beeline for Brands

Are you a brand or an e-commerce seller of bikes, wheels, components, or accessories? Integrate Beeline software into your website and offer your customers the best possible experience.

Beeline software connects your website to the nation's best retailer partners who will receive, assemble, and deliver your product to the consumer. Beeline software integrates with your existing e-commerce site and manages the communication to all parties involved: the rider, the brand, and the retailer.

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Geographic Network Coverage

With over 400 active locations, brick and mortar and mobile, Beeline ensures your customers only experience the best with the leading retail partners

Integration Into Your Website


Easily integrate with your webstore using Beeline's Shopify App or API endpoints


Automatically present core information to the consumer like retailer’s distance and feedback score


Total pricing flexibility since you control what the consumer pays for the service


Modern Cloud Based Tools


The only integrated scheduling software that displays retailer’s availability in real-time


Dashboard tools for order tracking and historic reporting provide insights to your business


Automated notifications a part of every single fulfillment, including customer feedback loop



Integration w/

  • Access nationwide network of top bicycle retailers
  • Easiest turnkey setup
  • Show the consumer only retailer locations that are available for fulfillment
  • Monthly reporting functionality
  • Requires third party shipping functionality


Integration w/

  • Access whole Beeline network of leading retail partners
  • Greater flexibility since you control the UI
  • Easily understood endpoints make development straightforward
  • Premium reporting functionality
  • Custom development also possible


* In addition to monthly fees, each brand will be invoiced a fulfillment fee for each unit fulfilled that month. This fee is paid to the fulfilling retailer as compensation for their part.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the fulfillment fee?

It varies. Beeline will perform an evaluation of your product and with you determine the fulfillment fee for your items.

Are the retailers paid for fulfillment?

Yes. Beeline consolidates all fulfillment fees from all brands and passes on these payments to the retailer each month.

Can I subsidize the fulfillment fee?

Yes. What you charge the consumer for the service is entirely up to you. Many brands choose to subsidize some or all of the amount.

What retailers are shown at checkout?

Beeline software determines and shows only those retailer locations that are available to the consumer based on the consumer’s location.

How long does Shopify setup take?

After your product is evaluated and you sign a contract, you can start fulfilling through retailers in as little as a week with the Shopify App.

What is Beeline?

Beeline is cloud based software that allows brands and e-tailers to easy connect the consumer with local retailers to provide the best consumer experience possible.

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