Beeline Connect for Retailers

A suite of software products for integrated service and fulfillment scheduling. Two great options...

$0 / month


A full-service scheduling tool, access to select fulfillment Brands, and dealer locator information management

$37 / month*

An expansive marketing tool to reach even more new Riders, access to fulfillment from all Brands, expanded Service Scheduling tools

*With prepaid annual plan; $49 monthly plan also available
*Available for US Retailers and locations

Hear from our Retailers

"When I get a call from a customer who has an ebike, I ask them first what brand it is. Unless I have an affiliation through Beeline, I don't touch it. I rely on that affiliation to be a gateway to getting parts and diagnostic help."
— Carl Armbruster, Bike Werks
The Beeline Connect Advantage
  • Unlimited number of store locations
  • Unlimited number of user logins
  • Unlimited number of rider accounts
  • Unlimited number of bookings
  • Integration into your website
  • Availability management tool
  • In-Shop location enabled
  • SmartEtailing approved integration
  • Guaranteed payments for assembly and warranty work
  • Online dashboard management
  • Online training & resource platform
  • Customized with your shop branding
  • Automated text and email updates
  • Downloadable reports
  • Mobile location enabled


  • Online service scheduling for in-shop (brick and mortar) or mobile shops (vans)
  • Fulfillment management and Dealer Locator management for select Brands
  • Configure appointment availability per day
  • Basic reporting functionality
  • Totally free, no hidden costs
"When I bought my bike I’m so glad I could choose a bike shop that uses Beeline. They connected me with a great shop and handled all the issues that arose with a shipping error."
— John M, California


  • Market your shop to Riders shopping with all Brands using Beeline
  • Trackable return on your marketing investment
  • Unlimited custom service appointment types
  • Annual prepaid plan offers best pricing at $37/mo ($444/yr)
  • Monthly plan offers greatest flexibility at $49/mo; cancel any time, no fee
"Cycle Craft made everything about their online scheduling easy, making the whole process of getting bicycle service more enjoyable."
— Phyllis O, New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Bridge is a fully functional service scheduling tool that you can overlay into your own website. No credit card needed.
Yes! Each subscription includes as many locations as you'd like, both brick and mortar and mobile.
Both annual plans and monthly plans are available for Premium subscription.
Fulfillment compensation is paid monthly for all fulfillments that were completed in the prior month.
You may cancel your subscription by emailing