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Pricing is based on labor required plus the cost of parts. Every bike is in a different state of normal wear and tear, and each needs something different to get it up and running. At check-in, your mechanic will assess your bike and provide a quote before beginning work. General pricing information can be found here.
You can pay your mechanic directly after your appointment using cash, check or credit card.
Simply click here to get started. You will be required to enter your email and zip code.
Log in to your Beeline account here and locate the appointment in your account to view, edit or cancel.
We know life can get busy quick. There is no fee to cancel your appointment, but we do ask that you cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance when possible.
Yes. To set up a group appointment, email support@beelinebikes.com to get things started.
Bring your bike to out to the mobile shop during the 30 minute check-in window you selected. For location details, refer to the signup link. The mechanic will assess your bike and provide a detailed quote before beginning work. When finished, the mechanic will contact you via email, text, or phone to review the work performed and collect payment.
We service all types of bikes, including high end road, triathlon, mountain, electric, city, hybrid, kids’, tandems and trikes.
We ask that someone be on site to show the mechanic to the bike, approve of the work performed, and provide payment once the service is completed.
Our mobile shops are stocked with the most common replacement parts. In the event a special part needs to be ordered, the mechanic will work with you to schedule a follow up appointment based on the arrival time of the part.
You can use the link provided in your order confirmation email. Or login to Beeline Bikes website using the same email you used to purchase your bike. Select schedule now and you’ll be prompted with an option to schedule your delivery.

Use the schedule now button on the Beeline website.

Make sure to:

  • Choose a time after the scheduled delivery date for your bike (check with your Amazon order for tracking information). The start time you choose on Beeline is the time the mechanic will show up. This may differ from the start time you see in Amazon.

  • Add a note in Beeline’s special requests section with your Assembly Order ID (this is a different number than your bike purchase order).